Our founders Bianca and Gina Palmerin founded Chunky Hunnies to break the norms of the basic flat cookie. We believe that the best cookies should satisfy your sweet tooth and always be made fresh to order. Each cookie is baked in our commercial kitchen in Los Angeles, CA.


Our giant cookies are stuffed with an assortment of decadent fillings and we offer options of twelve  different flavors. 


Meet the Chunky Hunnies founders, Gina and Bianca, a powerful Mother × Daughter team.

Bianca Palmerin is a life long baker and has been creating the Chunky Hunnies recipes since winter of 2021 when she was inspired to create the most decadent cure to satisfy her sweet tooth as a special treat on her cheat day. Ironically, Bianca is also a model and has always searched for ways to balance healthy eating and of course being able to have that occasional treat. She found that by allowing herself a weekly "cheat day" was the solution for her. This cheat day is what inspired Chunky Hunnies, because if it's cheat day, it better be worth it and it better be the best thing you've ever tasted. 

Gina, also a life long baker and Bianca's mom,  has had years of experience as an entreprenuer,  business owner, a fine artist and also management experience in the luxury retail industry. 


Everything you need to know about our heavenly cookies.